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Department of Chinese Communication and Culture Creativity

Department Introduction

This department was founded in Aug. 2002. with its educational goal aiming to foster its students to possess competences in business writing, business project planning, management that are essential to produce creative cultural industries in Taiwan society. The features of this department are as follows:
Pedagogical initiative: This department focuses on streamlining the contents of textbooks that integrate words with pictures, thus creating mutual complementary aid in helping the readers understand text meanings.

Academic research: This department probes into its regional culture assets, accumulates creative publications, develops the ingredients and images of local cultural products. It also manages to reinforce its teachers’ competency in exercising their practical experiences by combining local industry assets with their knowledge so that school-company bilateral cooperation can be successfully implemented.

Students' competitiveness: This department persists in holding word-picture contests, and provides additional classes to help its students win professional certificates. By making these efforts, it surely augments its students’ practical abilities in writing reports, designing projects, arranging exhibitions and marketing so that its students can exert great competitive strength to get jobs.
Prospective Job Options
1. Culture manufactory corporations : newspaper offices, firms that write stories for computer games, book publishers, advertisement companies, magazine publishers, audio-visual workshops, culture utensils companies, handcrafts factories, film-making studios, calligraphy and painting clubs.
2. Culture sale agencies: calligraphy and painting stories, fine artifact markets, flower shops, fine art stationeries, antique stories.
3. Culture services: libraries, TV stations, tourist resorts, monument, and culture middleman companies.


Faculty Members

Including six professional teacher and an assistant.



Including a variety of messages, including activities, games, articles, works for selection.


Curriculum Design

Including course descriptions, class schedule, graduation project, practice methods, licenses.


ndustry Cooperation

Including the 100-103 year full-time teachers to perform industry-university cooperation plan case.


Teachers and students exhibition

Including teachers and students work, achievement, classroom assignments.



Including curriculum planning table, class schedule, practice methods and feature production application.